Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bad work habits

Here are some bad work habits of Singaporean workers, as posted in my Facebook. They do not reflect local workers in general, but perhaps these bad habits do occur frequently enough to pose a worry.

1) I think it is also quite true that some Singaporeans, despite having higher pay, are not any more productive, skillful or committed than foreigners, especially in the technical and IT fields. And this I speak from first hand observations.
Perhaps this is also due to the fact that there are not enough Singaporeans, and also the better ones do not want to take up technical courses in our Polys and U, resulting in a large number of places being given to foreigners and on scholarships.
So these Singapore students after graduation, also have skills, aptitude and attitude problems doing the type of work for which they were trained in their certs. And that's why many also ended up working in fields not related to their certs too.

2) I also know that in many companies, Singaporeans tend to takes many long smoke breaks, and late for work, they may not know that their employers are observing and monitoring..till then its too late to realized why they got replaced.

3) Locals will tend to skive, chit chat, act blur and push away responsibilities.

These comments are made by Singaporean workers who have observed the bad work habits of other Singaporean workers. We should be aware about these bad work habits and correct them.

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