Sunday, May 31, 2015

How to compete against foreigners with fake qualification

Some Singaporeans are unhappy that some jobs were given to foreigners who came into Singapore with fake qualification

It is bad for the government to allow foreigners to get a work pass with a fake qualification. The government should be more vigilant in scrutinizing the job applications, especially in checking that the qualification are valid.

However, the Singaporeans who lost in the competition for jobs should share some of the blame.

Ultimately, the employer employs a person based on his ability to perform the job. If the foreigner had a fake qualification and could not perform the job, he or she will be found out within a short time, and will be terminated. If the foreigner can do the job well, even though the qualification may be faked, the employer will not scrutinize the qualification as they found the employee to be satisfactory.

A person can do a job well if he or she has the combination of the following:

a) Qualification that can be applied to the job
b) Job skills and experience that are relevant to the job
c) Social skills in communication and in working with colleagues and in a team.

Some Singaporeans may have a good qualification, but they cannot apply that knowledge to their job. If they are also weak in their job skills, experience and social skills, they are not likely to be employed. They cannot complain that the job went to a foreigner with a fake qualification. They should make themselves to be employable by having the right attributes that are important to the employer.

I find that our education system did not prepare many school leavers well for the job environment. The emphasis on getting a degree, and ignoring the other important skills, is harmful to our locals when they have to compete for jobs.

They should realize what are the important attributes to get and keep a good job.

On a positive note, Singaporeans are generally hard working, honest and well educated. They need to use these positive attributes effectively, and learn how to make themselves more employable.

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