Sunday, June 21, 2015

Challenge the corrupt policeman

We hear many stories about how the Police harass Singapore car owners for traffic offences on Malaysian roads in order to receive bribes.

My friend told me this story. He was stopped by the Police for driving above 110 kph. The policeman said that the fine is 150 ringgit but he could pay less "on the spot". My friend replied, "You have my particulars. Send the fine to me and I will pay it". He spent only 10 minutes in the police station.

He never received the fine. The policeman was too lazy to key the particulars into their computer system. He was only interested to receive the bribe "on the spot". Perhaps the policeman was afraid that my friend would report the attempt to collect the bribe.


Unknown said...

I think they could not produce evident which indicated the car was speeding. Generally the police issues the summons on the spot.

Anonymous said...

That is why the ringgit is sliding and one day and soon it will slide to 1SGD to 4Ringgit..

yujuan said...

Coming to a dead end before entering the Cargo Check point at JB, I U turned back, quick as lightening bolt, a traffic police car appeared from nowhere.
Passport and driving licence given, the Police Head started a wayang show to drag time, speaking both to us and on his walkie talkie.
Sensing he wanted kopi nuit, conversed to him mainly in Malay we took wrong turn by mistake. Warned by press reports we could be charged for bribery, I played along, subtly telling him the summon would benefit only the Police Station Authorities, not him or his meeker colleague, and thus wasting his time to escort us.
After half hour, we were let off.
Just stay calm, talk politely and address the officer Abang, beats everything. Must learn conversing in Malay.
When stopped for checking boot, must get off car and open in presence, got incident the Police slipped in a packet of powder and you get charged for trafficking some drugs. They may demand for a big bribe to let you off.

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