Saturday, June 27, 2015

Complaints on poor quality of DBSS flats

I am surprised about the poor quality of workmanship for the DBSS housing projects. These are more expensive projects on HDB land but built by the private sector. The buyers have to pay a higher price for the flats.

DBSS is an acronym for Design, Build and Sell Scheme. Singaporeans, especially those in our elite political and government service, likes to create acronyms! It makes them feel great.

Are the workmanship really that bad, or is it due to higher expectation of the buyer. When paying a higher price, they will naturally expect better quality.

Perhaps the private developers went too far in trying to squeeze a high price and also to get the maximum sale-able space. In the process, the reduce the width of the corridors and open space. Maybe, they were trying to cut down cost also.

The complaints suggest that the DBSS scheme is a bad idea.

Read this article.

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Anonymous said...

When are we going to wean this country out of its obsession with properties?
A non-productive asset that doesn't increase the nation future survival and growth capital and capacity.
Worst, every one and every business (non-core) and their pets are in it. The nation economy is one big properties exposure and bet!
You are in luck for being there early and tough for the future generations that have to pay more in this pyramid game.

For start, I would like to stop company from investing in properties (or be disincentives heavily). It show be a home for people to live in and not for companies to invest and trade on.

HDB should go back to its basics.

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