Saturday, June 27, 2015

Private website overcharges for the visa

I learned that visitors can apply for a tourist visit online to visit Myanmar. I searched for the website and found it. I entered the data needed for the application and was about to submit it. I checked the terms and conditions and learned that I had to pay a visa processing fee of US$120. That looked quite expensive.
I read the website more carefully and found that it was actually a private website and they are providing a service to apply for the visa. I abandoned the application.
My friend later found me the official website of the Myanmar Government. They charge a processing fee of US$50. The information required by the private website is the same as that needed by the official website.
The private website did not provide any value, but only added US$70 to the cost. They probably made their money from the public who were not aware of the over-charging. I nearly fell into their trap.


Anonymous said...

Why do u want to visit a country that charges u to visit it?

Kin Lian Tan said...

I treat it as part of the cost of travel, like paying the airfare and the hotel.

yujuan said...

Guess Myanmar is the only Asean country who demands other Asean members to apply and pay for a visa, and it takes almost a whole day to apply for one of the most expensive visas in the world.
After entering the country, we have to spend time arguing with hotel, taxi and shop vendors over condition of US$ bills, they demand for pristine notes. At temples you have to remove shoes, not even socks are allowed.
Won't return, too bothersome.

Anonymous said...

For me, if I go to a mega food court with 196 food stalls & 26 of them wanted to charge me $50 before I can order food from them I will just patronize the other 170 who does not charge me to do business with them. I regard the 26 as adopting an adversarial approach to me while the 170 as partners for a win win deal.

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