Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Are you a doctor or a data entry clerk?

I visited my doctor (GP). He was busy entering his claim in the online system of the Ministry of Health.

Me - are you a doctor or a data entry clerk?

Dr - what to do? The govt expects me to enter these figures to get my claim under the CHAS scheme. It is too complicated for my clinic asst to enter the figures.

This is how PM Lee waste the time of our doctors. He creates complicated schemes that are "calibrated" to provide assistance to some groups of people, but he ended up wasting the time of doctors. The doctors should be doing their medical practice, instead of entering data.

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yujuan said...

It's the GP"s clinic assistants that are complaining of the extra work. So Doc has to help out.
Dun find the PG Card is of much use, the consultation fee has been tweaked upwards since, we still have to pay for the high costs of meds.
However, you could save a lot if you use the card at the NTUC Unity Dental Clinic.
If need medical care at public hospital, have to queue and queue again at Polyclinic for referral letter, and you get see a new junior Doc, mostly a FT Doc, have phobia whether FT Doc cert is real or not.
MOH very complacent and lazy to do proper detective work on their FT Staff. Safer to see our usual Specialist Doc, pity the poor Doc has to dart between rooms to handle his big load of patients.
The charges are steep, but bo bian.

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