Sunday, September 06, 2015

Vote for change

Mr Tan,
Will Singapore get into trouble if the PAP lose this general election?
If the PAP loses this election, Singapore will still get along fine. There is no need to worry. Do not believe the fear mongering that are passed by people with a vested interest to remain in power.
It is not likely that the PAP will lose power in this general election. This may take a few more years to happen.
But, if voters have the courage to vote for the alternative parties, we are likely to have a more diverse Parliament, comprising of MPs from many political parties.
This will encourage debate on the government policies and discussions on the issues facing the people This will produce better results over the long term.
While decisions will be made more slowly, they will be better decisions. The decisions made in a hurry without proper discussion have been bad for Singapore during the past years.
Have courage. Vote for change.

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