Thursday, September 10, 2015

Difficult to run a small business

My friend, who run a small business said. It is difficult to be a boss of a small business. When he falls sick, he still have to come to work. His workers will be happy to send in their MC and take the time off.

He does not make enough profit. The expenses are high. The revenue is difficult to come by. He has to compete hard to get the business and his margin is small.

This year, the "stupid" government gave two extra holidays to celebrate SG50 and for polling day. It is okay for them to give holidays, because they have plenty of money. But, he has to pay his workers for the holidays. Where is his business coming from?

I agree with him. It is tough to run a small business. 


Anonymous said...

If you have problem, cut losses and admit that you are not cut out for business.

Kin Lian Tan said...

It is easy to pass this kind of negative comment. It is not so easy just to close down. there are other people who depend on your business to get employed.

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