Wednesday, September 09, 2015

To LHL: That's what you have done!

It is ironic for Lee Hsien Loong to tell the voters - "Don't write cheques that your children must pay".
This is precisely what he has done over the past ten years. By increasing the price of housing and the cost of living, he has made the next generation of Singaporeans pay for the wealth of the current elites in Singapore.


yujuan said...

PM Lee is slapping his own face.
That's exactly what he has done and is still doing it - making our children pay in terms of high public housing, deceiving them with smaller and smaller units to make them look affordable, high costs of living, and allowing foreigners to snatch our PMETs' rice bowls away.
This PM has the cheek to say those words with such a straight face.
Lim Suay Suay promised to addrees our PMETs' distressed situation, dun he have 4 years to forsee and start action? What about boasting having forsight to see problems years before they materialize?
By the way, our Malaysian relatives are hopping mad at this idiot's
arrogant remarks about not being a Malaysian.

michael said...

This PM has lost his credibility since 2009. Sad to note of that.

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