Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Your Life and My Life/ Too Many foreigners

Someone sent this email to me.
From a friend, true story, like to remain anonymous:

GLC appointed foreigner as CEO.
CEO appointed his fellow foreigners as senior management.
Singaporeans forced to resign or sacked.

Senior management (foreigners) engaged his fellow foreigners as employees.
More Singaporeans edged out.

Most foreigners employees are underqualified but got his PR or even
citizenship easily from MOM with middle management (foreigners) help.

Singaporeans that stay, dare not to take sick leave when sick and
annual leave. They suffered low annual wage increments.
Difficult jobs assigned to them, credits goes to foreigners.

The same story are repeated in many GLC, MNC and many private firms.
This is your life and my life.



Anonymous said...

Pap tells us to accept competition from foreigners. Please don't use talent too lose. . But they themselves do not show that they themselves like competition. We have alternative parties whose talents far exceed 90% of their candidates. Yet they are asking us Singaporeans to accept their party's offering. What is the point of getting a good education and making decisions of a brainless. If we have SMCS nationwide we will have the most talented of our people in parliament. . Should not this be the most desirable for our country? The straits times regularly reports how nus is the best university in Asia. If you graduate from harald you do not go unemployed for 1 year. But in singapore nus grads cannot find jobs when foreigners from the unknown foreign university can. What is going on this past years.

yujuan said...

At the WP Rally at Serangoon Statium, we had difficulty getting parking spaces. They have Police, Cisco and even parking wardens to shoo us away. We then managed to bluff one warden we are only parking to eat, went up and found many white lots spaces empty, that warden even lied the carpark was full.
Is PAP really so frightened about "A mouse in Parliament".
My younger son said, all the more should vote out this small heart, ungentlemanly Govt.

Anonymous said...

It is common in the banks or any organisations. If the HR or the head is a foreigner...lioa lo..the company will be filled with his or her same kind. This is why Lim Swee Say must be kicked out to show our disappointment and disgust.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typo error. It should be don't use the word talent too loosely. Also it should be HaVARD. Not harald. I was squinting when typing my comments.

Anonymous said...

You are disrespectful labeling the opposition as mouse.If they are then you shouldn't be voting them into parliament, right?

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