Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Vote for change - our goal is to have alternative voices in Parliament

This PAP candidate warns that opposition parties can't get along. Link

He is missing the point. The alternative parties are not aiming to form the next government.

They want to be represented in Parliament to voice the concerns of the people and to debate and pass laws that reflect these concerns.

We need to change the system of governance in Singapore. We need to have a Parliament that is more active in discussing and debating government policies and passing the laws.

We need law makers who are able to spend more time in their work in discussing issues in Parliament and in discussing the concerns of the people. Preferably, they should be full time law makers. At the least, they should not have a busy full time work.

It is time to vote for a change, for the future of Singapore, for the future of our children.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Tan

We need to vote for a change but it is not easy given the nature of our society. I have seen and heard many Singaporeans suffered and angry with the current government policy, including labour, education, health care and housing. When they step inside the polling station, they will still give PAP the vote for many unsounded reasons such as fear and excuses that they don't know the opposition well enough and if they will be worse than PAP's MPs.

More work is needed to correct this situation by the oppositions. From observation, over information of better policy will not drive into these citizens' mind. A different approach is needed for this special group of 'daft' as described by the old man. Only when this group of citizen put their thinking into action, it will change our Spore. Free speech and even thinking are still very far away from first world here.

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