Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Use email to improve productivity

When I applied online for a visa to visit Australia, I received the visa approval immediately by email. When I called the high commission on a matter regarding the visa, they asked me to send my enquiry by email. They replied to the email within a day.
I find this process to be efficient.
The process adopted by our government agencies in Singapore is troublesome. I have to sign into their website with my SingPass ID and password. Soon they will introduce another level of security.
When an application is received, I received a notification by email or SMS. I have to sign into the website of the agency to retrieve the actual reply. They refused to send the reply by email.
This takes a lot of my time. It can be stressful and troublesome. Why does our government agency adopt this troublesome process?
I suspect that some minister must have given instruction a long time ago that email can be hacked and that official correspondence should not be sent by email. That must be several decades ago. Nobody reviewed this instruction. The inefficient and troublesome process is carried to this day.
This is Singapore! Sigh!

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