Tuesday, October 06, 2015

What's Wrong #9 - Too many passport checks at airport

When the passenger checks in at the airport counter, the staff checks the passport and issues the boarding pass. The passenger has to undergo four additional passport checks. This is explained below:

a)  Before entering the departure hall 

b)  On going through the automated gate (has to scan the passport and fingerprint

c)  After passing the automated gate. The security guard checks the passport against the boarding pass

d)  On entering the departure lounge.

What's wrong?

There is no need to check the passport and boarding pass so many times. Apart from a waste of manpower, it causes inconvenience to the passenger.

It should be possible to dispense with the check for (c). What is the real purpose of this check? The passenger was already checked before entering the hall and at the automated gate. 

The additional check at (c) was probably introduced several years ago when a passenger traveled on the passport belonging to a family member. The minister must have asked for this additional check at that time. This is probably not necessary, but nobody seemed to want to review this matter.
How to put it right
Stop the additional check at (c). We can rely on the automated gate to check that the passenger is using the correct passport. If the passenger has the wrong boarding pass, he or she would have been stopped at the check at (a) or at (d).

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Anonymous said...

This is the usual CYA strategy employed so successfully so in future any cockup it is covered

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