Sunday, October 04, 2015

What's Wrong #8 - Taxi vocational license

The applicant is required to have one year of driving experience. He has to attend a 10 day full time training course to get a vocational taxi license. He spends five days to learn about rules and customer service and another five days to learn about locations and routes.

What's wrong?

There is no need to spend 5 days to learn about locations and routes. The taxi driver is likely to have a smart phone that can access Google Maps or other GPS navigation software. He only needs to spend one day to learn how to use the app. If he is already familiar with the app, this can also be dispensed.

How to put it right
The regulator can offer an option for the applicant to get the licence within 5 days, if they are familiar with the use of the smart phone and the GPS navigation software. Most applicants are likely to opt for this shorter training course. 

Our regulator should keep up with technology and encourage the taxi drivers to upgrade their skill and knowledge.

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