Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How to combat terrorists

The Immigration and Checkpoint Authority introduced stronger security measures during the holiday season to prevent arms and undesirable people from entering Singapore. Unfortunately, this has led to long queues at the entry points. Read this article.

Is this a good approach? Is there a better way to handle security measures in the modern day?

Here are some of my thoughts.

a) If the terrorists wishes to bring arms into Singapore, they are likely to find other ways to ship them into Singapore, rather than bring them in vehicles across the border during the holiday season.

b) If they wish to use this method, they can choose to bring the arms in before the holiday season, where the checks are less stringent.

c) A better way to prevent terrorist attacks is to have more policemen at places where there are large crowds and ask them to be alert to look for suspicious people. We can also use surveillance cameras more effectively.

Jamming the Causeway and Second Link does not seem to be a good way to implement stronger security measures?

Just my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

The appearance of power is more important than having the power.

Anonymous said...

some thoughts

- more people congregate at public places during holiday season. terrorist who want to do more damage and get more attention will strike at this time.

- defence in depth. its more effective to apply multiple layers of defence to prevent attack/disaster. to lower outer defence and raise inner defence is not appriopriate in my opinion. we can only station a number of policeman on the ground before intruding into citizen life.

by having stringent checks at a chokepoint (custom checkpoint), less manpower is needed compared to more men on our streets.

- i personally feel that more stringent checks are not only to prevent terrorist attack, but also to catch other offences like drug trafficking.

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