Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Will Donald Trump be the next US President? Quite likely!

A few months ago, when Donald Trump indicated his interest to be a Republican candidate, most observers considered that he would not last long in the race.

By now, he is clearly the leading Republican candidate. He has a good chance of beating Hilary Clinton or any other Democrat candidate.

I have watched videos of his interviews and rally speeches. He is really a formidable force. He is very energetic and has clear and strong views. There is a strong likelihood that we will see a President Trump in 2016.

What makes Donald Trump so special, so different from all the other candidates?


Anonymous said...

I hope he will become the President of US and be different from this useless Ohama. US needs a change and this Trump can give US a change.

Anonymous said...

What America needs is people like Trump to run the country. Vote for Trump as President of America.

Anonymous said...

To save America from being taken over the people of US must elect Trump to be the president. He is fearless; he has the US interest at heart; he can foresee the future. Why is he doing this? He is very rich. Why put his life at risk? He is better off enjoying his wealth.

Anonymous said...

He is not a populist, he doesn't care. What he cares is what is good for America. Therefore, he speaks his mind, the truth, without mincing his words unlike the other candidates whether democrats or republicans who only say what is politically correct only.
What he says may hurt some but is the truth and that is the kind of politicians Americans should vote in as president, and not chameleons.
Trump for President.

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