Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How to get a more detailed analysis

A consumer (or perhaps an insurance agent pretending to be a consumer) commented on my article about Aviva MyCare policy. He said that I should carry out a more detailed analysis to back up my recommendation to "take your own risk".
My recommendation is based on the statistics that shows the insurance company had a profit ratio over 90%. This is horrible. The other companies have a profit ratio more than 30%, which is also too high. The insurance companies are making a high profit margin on Eldershield and the supplements.
If the consumer wants a more detailed analysis, he has to contact me at my consulting portal and provide data that is relevant to his own case.

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海芋 Haiyu said...

Mr Tan, does your consultancy fee covers the whole spectrum of several policies eg. life, endowment, critical illness, hospitalistion, disability income) or is it consultation for one type of policy only? I am looking for a neutral party to review all my policies because I have an uneasy feeling of what the so-called financial advisor has told me to buy.

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