Sunday, December 27, 2015

Short sighted thinking in the government

Dear Mr. Tan

You said that the PPP model is more costly for the country. Why does the government opt for this model?

We have a government that is "very smart".They want to get the Sports Hub for free. Why not get the private sector to fund the cost and take all the risk?

Unfortunately, the decision makers probably did not realize that this kind of model is quite costly, troublesome and difficult to manage. It adds to the total cost to the country.

I suspect that this kind of "short sighted thinking" happens in many other aspects of our government administration.

For example, the government agencies want to reduce their operating cost, e.g. to cut down on staff and to get the public and businesses to "do it yourself" by using the online websites. But they do not take into account the cost to the public of using these complicated online process. For example, the government agency save 5 minutes of their staff's time, but as a result, the public has to spend 1 hour.

The cumulative effect of this short sighted thinking in the government over the past decades has increased the cost of doing business in Singapore, apart from high property rental. We are now inefficient and costly.

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