Friday, January 01, 2016

London Eye vs Singapore Flyer

I went to the website to get details about London Eye and the Singapore Flyer. I wanted to find out why London Eye is doing well, and the Singapore Flyer is struggling.

Here is a comparison

London Eye - GBP 20 = SGD 40
30 minute rotation.
Entry to 4D movie

Singapore Flyer - SGD 33
30 minute rotation
Multimedia showcase.

The Singapore Flyer is 20% cheaper than London Eye. I know know if there is a difference between the 4D movie and the multimedia showcase.

There is a big difference in the presentation of the two websites. I was able to find the prices of the London Eye immediately, and to know what I get for the ticket price.

The Singapore Flyer website is confusing. I read the whole of the home page and could not find out the ticket price. I get so much detail, but little information. I had to search and read a lot of irrelevant information before finding what I want.

I wonder if this had an impact on the public buying of the tickets? Most people search the website for information. They will be discouraged by the website of the Singapore Flyer.


GP Blogger said...

Dear Mr Tan,
I think one of the biggest point which you have missed is the location.

London eye is well connected with london underground & right in the heart of the city. All the buildings in the area are of a shorter height than the london eye.
Whereas for the flyer, it is a pain to reach the london eye by public transport. secondly I can get a better view from MBS skypark of the whole city & there is no time limit.

& MBS is cheaper than Flyer, so why should i go to the flyer?

I sometimes feel that sentosa would have been a better location for the flyer.

Tan Kin Lian said...

You also have a point here.

But it does not help when the website is so unfriendly. Most people will give up trying to find out about the Singapore Flyer when they come to a confusing website. It is easy to improve the website to make it more friendly and attractive.

GP Blogger said...

who bothers about the website if the real experience is no good. Most of the tourists will buy tickets when they reach there. Yes we need a good website but that will not solve the flyer problems IMHO.

StevenHWicker said...

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