Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Soursop Tea Leaf and prostate cancer

Prostate cancer, (Mr Lim, 75)

Mr Lim went for his regular urinal test and the doctor did a Postrate Speicfic Antigen (PSA) on him. The result on 6 Oct shows 9.370. Normal range below 4. Doctor suspected he may have Postrate Cancer and scheduled a biopsy test of the postrate in Dec 2015. In the meantime, Mr Lim continued his same medication which he has been taking for past 1 to 2 years.

Having read about the soursop leaf tea, Mr. Lim started to drink the team every morning 30 minutes before breakfast.

On 29 Dec when he did his PSA test again the reading was 5.930. As this caused no alarm, the doctor scheduled him for next checkup 6 months time. The doctor was not able to give reason for reduction in the reading, but the patient knew what helped him.

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Bai Hu said...

I just came back from Taiwan. The people there have already been drinking it and is available in many places.

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