Friday, May 06, 2016

An appropriate adjective

Bernie Sanders used an adjective to describe each of his campaign focus.

He is fighting against:

CORRUPT campaign finance system
RIGGED economy
BROKEN criminal justice system
GROTESQUE income inequality
CRUMBLING infrastructure

He is fighting for
Minimum wage of $15 per hour
Healthcare as a right
Tuition free college education
Paid maternity leave
Pay equity for women
The rich should pay their fair share of tax


Yujuan said...

Looks like Trump may be next President, woe betide Singapore. Sanders is too Socialist for Capitalist America, while Hillary looks weak and wishy wasy like Obama, the latter attaining nothing concrete economically and on foreign diplomacy.
America, like Russia, is a big, diverse "Empire", and people belonging to an "Empire" want a strong man, like Putin to lead the country, "make America great again" that sort of leader, and Trump fits in perfectly, with his straight talking, clean, non- corrupted image, a successful business man, luring the frustrated, fed up Americans.
Being female, Hillary would lose out in an "Empire" setting.
On American political corruption, wealthy Trump can't be bought with money, he's his own man, dun have to listen to any powerful person on Capital Hill.
Unless someone able to dig out some dirt on Trump, the die is already cast.

Yujuan said...

The dice is already cast. Should Trump be the next President, cross fingers he would mellow down on reality check, world would look upon him with apprehension, esp China and Singapore.
All Trump gets to do is continue to stir up more tension in the South China Sea, the Middle East, then her Defence industries would boom vigorously with more weaponry sales, perfect to fill up America's depleted kitty. Trump would smile on the stupidity of we Asians, a more fragmented Asia, the better for him.
Opportunistic Singapore could also benefit from provision of more docking services for the American Navy at Nee Soon.
Hm, maybe not so bad for us, on hindsight, at least we dun lose out completely.

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