Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Bernie Sanders wins Indiana state primary

Sisters and Brothers -
Moments ago the news networks declared us the winner of yet another state - our 18th of the primary season: Indiana.
For the past several weeks, the corporate media has counted us out of this election. The political and financial establishment of this country have been vocal in their desire for us to go away. To get in line.
Today, the voters had another idea.
Every victory we earn is extraordinarily important for our political revolution. Not just because of the delegates we earn, but because each win and all the work that goes into that effort sends an unmistakable message to the establishment of this country that we will never stop fighting for the values we share. I say we keep fighting. Are you with me?
The next states up are West Virginia, Kentucky and Oregon. They are all places we have a chance to do very well. I am in this fight through the Democratic convention. Thank you for standing with me.
In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders

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