Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Get rid of the "don't care less" attitude

I changed to bus 162 at Yio Chu Kang Interchange. The LTA app showed the arrival time of the next two buses to be 19 min and 34 min.

I guessed that one bus will arrive after 4 mins, and that this bus is not showing in the LTA app because its tracking device is not working.

I was right. A bus did arrive after 5 mins. This bus was not recognized by the LTA app. I had encountered this issue before. I suspect that it is the same bus.

This reflects the "don't care less" attitude that is reflective of LHL's regime. If LHL or his minister paid attention, they would have asked LTA to ensure that the buses run on schedule. LTA could run an automatic script in the database to identify the buses that are "missing".

If nobody cares, they will not know that this bus has been missing in their app for a few months!

There is no need for me to give feedback to LTA or SBS. In the past, they don't act on feedback anyway. They follow the bad example of LHL and his ministers.

I hope that the voters in Bukit Batok vote for change, and send someone to Parliament who is able to pay attention and don't follow the "don't care less" attitude of LHL's regime.

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