Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ACRA website unresponsive

I managed to log into the ACRA BizFile to submit my annual return.

The website was complicated. It contained a lot of information that were irrelevant to me. The problem is - I do not know what is relevant and what is not, so I had to quickly learn how to ignore the irrelevant ones.

It is an interactive website. This means that there are many buttons that need to be clicked and entered. If you miss any of them, the "Submit" button will not respond. You have to search through a complicated page to learn which fields you "forgot" to enter.

I finally to the Declaration. The trouble is - I was not told about the declaration. The "Submit" throw out a page of error in the declaration page which I did not complete. I had trouble in getting a "clean" declaration page to fill in. Somehow, I managed to get it, but I did not know how it happened. I still could not enter my name as the declarant.

So, the declaration read ... I ,, director of the company, declare ....

I was given the option to preview my annual return. I opted for it to view what I was supposed to have entered. There was an option to "Print" it. Wonderful. The trouble is - the webpage hangs.

I aborted the Print and went back to submit. The webpage also hang.

I now have to log out and come back again. Thank you ACRA for wasting my time and for showing, true to colors, how inconsiderate you are (and that goes to many other government agencies). You really know how to create interactive websites that waste a lot of time of the public.

At the start of the process, the website promised me that it will take a few minutes to file an annual return. Wrong. It has already taken me 30 minutes and I have to do it all over again.

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