Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Difficult to file an annual return with ACRA website

I had to file an annual return.

I went to Bizfile at ACRA website. They asked me to enter my SingPass and request for an OTP to be sent to my mobile phone. The OTP did not arrive. I had to try 3 times. Finally, the 3 OTPs arrive close together.

I used the wrong OTP. It was rejected. I used the last OTP which arrived later and it was accepted.

It went to another page which refused to load. I waited for a few minutes before aborting the login process.

I have to try again in a few minutes time. The people in ACRA thinks that the businesses have a lot of time to waste on their website.

When will our government agencies, such as ACRA and many other agencies, be more considerate? They are really adding a big burden to the business community.

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