Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Submitted annual return to ACRA on 6th atttempt

I finally managed to submit my annual return to ACRA. It took me 6 attempts. This can be verified by the ACRA website and by the SingPass website. I had to sign in with my Singpass and 2FA and go through many steps on each attempt.

Three of the attempts were due to unresponsive webpages in the website. When I asked to print my return, I got a unresponsive webpage. I finally managed to get through after I changed to Internet Explorer. They did not warn me about it at the start.

I submitted the return after wasting more than 1 hour,  Their website promised only a few minutes. I still had to pay a filing fee of $60. That is exorbitant.

Thank you, PM Lee, for creating a world class civil service that knows how to make life difficult for citizens and for charging high fees.

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