Monday, July 25, 2016

Donald Trump is ahead of Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is ahead of Clinton. Here are the results from the most recent polls.

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Yujuan said...

People could see Hillary means another Obama, the latter the most stupid lame duck American President America has ever had.
Obama made a mess of Iraq and Syria wars, he and his VP Joe Biden then went to meddle into the Ukraine civil war, diverting all his attention, and the World Press on Ukraine, allowing ISIS take opportunity to infiltrate Iraq through oil rich Morsar, taking over with just 100 suicide bombers against a taken by surprise 20,000 Iraqi soldiers. All the Iraqi generals fled, and their soldiers also downed guns and changed into civilian clothes and fled as well, leaving the city and valuable weapons to the ISIS invaders. Thus the rise of the ISIS and its heroic image among militant Muslims is born, overshadowing Al Queda.
Trump has to be President, but by the time he is one, maybe too late to arrest ISIS march with their wealth from oil rich captured cities.
With this mess in Middle East and Europe, Americans must thank this crazy Trump willing to take up the job, all other wealthy tycoon candidates have a realty check and give up, nobody else wanna take up this dirty job as President. But Asians would be apprehensive with this unpredictable wild cat, can't read his cards.
But at least Trump offers a glimmer of hope for world peace against ISIS, have to work with Russia and Syria, even North Korea, bo bian.
Dun wan another lame duck President in Hillary, who seems to have many things to hide as the reason for her quest to be President.

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