Sunday, November 06, 2016

A surprise on November 8?

Donald Trump conducts several rallies every day. He flies all over the country to give these speeches. You can watch the speeches in Youtube.

The speeches carry the same messages. They resonate with his supporters. If you listen to the speeches, you will find that they are expressed in quite moderate tones - unlike the characterization given by the mainstream journalists.

He has received a last minute boost in the polls. He has narrowed the gap with his opponents down to a small margin, within the margin of error

As he has enthusiastic supporters, who do not care about his negative points painted by the mainstream media, they are likely to turn up and vote. This may tip the balance in his favor.

The likelihood of a Trump presidency and a surprise in the voting on 8 November (2 days away) is getting to be quite possible. Be prepared for this possible change. I could be like Brexit again!

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