Friday, November 11, 2016

This government practice lost a lot of wasted time

I went to the Ministry of Manpower website to apply for a work pass. They require me to open an account with my Singpass. They then ask me to apply for an ID to act on my company affairs. They told me that a password will be sent by ordinary mail to me within 4 days.

The letter did not come after one month. During this time, I had to travel, so I could not call IRAS to check on the letter that did not come.

Five years ago, I had a similar experience. After I lodged a complaint, they sent a staff to personally deliver the password and help me to set up the authorization.

Why make it so complicated. Why can't MOM just allow me to apply for the work pass online without the hassle of creating the access ID? Why can't they send the password by email? I have wasted so much time on a simple matter. Does the government realize that our mail delivery is now unreliable?

The ministers urged the small businesses to be more productive. How can we be productive when the government introduces processes that waste a lot of our time? I experienced difficulty with many government websites - not just with MOM.

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