Friday, November 11, 2016

Taxi driver tried to charge extra

I booked a taxi to take me from the hotel to the airport in Madrid. The hotel staff said that the standard fare was Eur 30. This was expensive compared to Singapore for the distance travelled.

On moving off after the luggages have been loaded, the taxi driver spoke in English, with some difficulty. The fare is 30 euro and 5 eur for booking.

I replied - the hotel told me that the standard fare is 30 euro. They did not indicate a booking fee.

He repeated - the fare is 30 euro and 5 euro for booking.

I did not continue the conversation. He was not fluent in English and I was not fluent in Spanish.

What happened?

After arriving at the airport terminal and unloading all the bags, my wife gave him exactly 30 euro. The taxi driver said "Gracias" and went to his taxi and drove off politely. He did not ask for the 5 euro booking fee.

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