Wednesday, November 09, 2016

There is hope for America and a lesson for Singapore

It does not matter whether Clinton or Trump will be elected as president of the USA in a few hours time.

America will change, and for the better.

Clinton will make the changes to their government policies and strategies, as set out in her campaign platform - on minimum wage, employment benefits, college education, trade agreements and health care. She might go back on her word, but that is not likely. At her age, she will look at her legacy and make the effort to change her reputation.

Trump will introduce policies that addresses the root of America's problems.

Even the senators and representatives that are elected in this election will get the clear message - they have to change the status quo. The establishment cannot continue their old ways. They need to deal with the root of America's problems.

The most important step to find a solution is to recognize the problem. America has taken this important step to know what their key problems are.

We need our political system in Singapore to change and be as dynamic as what is produced by America in this election.


Yujuan said...

To address America's ills, a clean slate is necessary as a platform to work on. Then Trump would be an ideal choice.
Of course the world, Wall Street and American tycoons earnestly plumping for Clinton, never mind whether she is seen as having many things to hide, or she works for whoever pays her. Status quo is more important, also easier to twirl their fingers around a woman than a wild, unpredictable wild cat.
Irrespective who wins, hope the new President has America's interests at heart, a stable US is good for the whole world.
If Trump wins, Singapore, seen as siding the Yankies in the SCS dispute, would probably suffer, but in the end would be better for Singapore, may be a wake up call for our Govt, be less howlian in international affairs.

Anonymous said...

Now it is house cleaning up time.Trump must keep to what he promised to do; the immigration and the religious issues among the healthcare and other issues. Change is what the people expect the new president to do.

Anonymous said...

It is better to have honest and daring person and not politically correct one to be the president. The issue of evil and good is his office to deal with and this will strengthen America.

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