Saturday, December 24, 2016

How to reduce the jerkiness in bus

I have done research into the cause of jerkiness in buses. It seems to be a world wide problem. We face it in Singapore as well.

One important factor is bad driving habits. The drivers slam on the brakes too hard and accelerate too fast. They are not aware of the discomfort caused to passengers. Maybe they know, and do not care.

Someone suggested to use the accelerometer in the mobile phone to measure the jerkiness of the journey. He suggested that a prize be given to the drivers that have the least jerks, or give the smoothest journey.

I found an article in the New York Times that explains how the accelerometer works. I have engaged a developer to develop an app that measures the number of times that the bus jerks on a journey. With this app, it is possible for the bus company to send the jerkiness record to the server. They can view the record of all bus drivers and pick out the drivers to award the prize.

The bus company can also identify the drivers that have bad driving habits. This can be used to provide feedback and training to the drivers. When the drivers know that their driving habits are being monitored, a miracle will happen. They will be conscious of the bad habits and will take pains to improve their performance.

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