Friday, December 23, 2016

Troublesome to submit CPF contribution for my employees

I have to submit the monthly CPF contribution for my staff. The website asked me to sign in with my SingPass and my password. I forgot the password.

Ever since SingPass asked me to create a "funny" password with special character and capital, I keep forgetting it. I had to get it from a manual notebook. Luckily I could find it.

The people who designed this security systems forget that the ordinary users have to remember hundreds of passwords and uses many devices. To make matters worse, I have to create separate accounts for company use.

Now Singpass adds a 2FA and require a mobile phone to enter an OTP.

Why do they keep adding layers and layers of security? If someone wants to pay my employee's CPF on my behalf, they are welcomed to do so.

I have tried the app called "Last Pass" before and abandoned it.

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