Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Improve the quality of product

50 years ago, most manufactured products came from England. I remembered that it was easy to open a bottle with a twist of the cap or to tear a package at the marked location.

As the years went by, more manufacturing came to low cost countries. I observed that it became quite difficult to open the caps of bottles. I have to use a cloth to increase the friction. Sometimes, I had to look for some tools.

It is also difficult to open a package at the marked location. Often, the location is not properly marked or it does not tear. I have to use a scissor to cut the package.

The airlines do not allow scissors to be taken on board and the hotels do not provide scissors. I often had a hard time tearing the instant coffee package.

In the rush to mass produce the products at low cost, the attention to detail is abandoned. The pride in getting the work done well is gone.

We can afford to pay a little more for our product, or the distributor can take a little less profit. Life will be better if the quality can be improved just by adding a little attention to detail.

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