Monday, January 09, 2017

Difficult to read HDB financial report using online flip book

I get very angry when I see how inconsiderate people can be, especially people running large organizations.

I checked online for the Financial Report of HDB. I got this "high tech" flip book. It is supposed to be state of the art.

I looked through the flip book to see the financial statement for HDB. Some of the pages are presented in landscape format.

I am not able to turn my monitor around to view the landscape format. I looked for the tools to rotate the flip book, but could not find it.

So, I am forced to view it with my iPad. But it does not help. I still can't view the landscape page because the viewer keeps rotating it.

I wonder why people want to make life difficult for the public using their wonderful toy.


Anonymous said...

They cannot be accused of not filing the report, right? but they made it difficult for the public to view if not to read. They tried to reduce queries becuase they have no time to reply.

Anonymous said...

You can save it as a PDF. The button is on the left.

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