Friday, January 13, 2017

One year after the passing of Mr Lee KY

One year after the passing of Mr. Lee KY, Singapore has got into so much trouble. It is unimaginable. Perhaps he had expected it, or had feared that hit might happen.

We now have:

a) A gloomy economy
b) The terrible quarrel with China
c) Flooding and MRT breakdowns
d) Internal disunity

The weaknesses of our governance system are now showing:

a) Inexperienced scholars in our civil service and polticial leadership
b) Arrogant attitude
c) Lack of honest discussion on issues in our media and pubic platforms

When Mr. Lee KY was around, he could manage the situation and still keep the ship on an even keel. Now that he is gone, the ship is sinking.

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Anonymous said...

U nailed it.

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