Sunday, January 08, 2017

Poor service from a magician

Hi Mr Tan,

I am an avid follower of your blog and I know you always publish issues where customer services could have been much better.

I have this bad experience to share with your readers and would like to warn them.

Recently, I hired a magician for my kid's birthday party and invited his friends as well. The experience was nothing short of great disappointment and failed to entertain the kids.

The magic show was supposed to last for an hour and ends with a cake cutting ceremony.

Not only did the magician came in 20 mins late, he only performed for half an hour. Halfway through the show, he told the children that he need to go to his car to retrieve some props, without informing us. Without the magician around, the children began to ran around and wreck havock. When he returned some 20 mins later, he began to tinder with his hp.

By then it was already very late and I had to remind him to proceed with the cake cutting ceremony. Well he was fast to ask for payment after the ceremony. Not wanting to spoil my kid's party, I paid him and told him I will be following up with a complaint email.

I followed up with an email on the same night. However, the company defended his staff and insisted there was nothing they could do. I felt angry and helpless
that our service morals have deterioriated to such standards.

(name removed)

Moving on, I think some questions posted (that I found out later) are quite valid

Do share with your followers if you deem useful.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good sharing Mr Tan. Another article is a good read as well. Indeed a single black sheep can spoil the reputation of the entire industry!

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