Sunday, January 08, 2017

Slow clearance at immigration counters

Many years ago, most people observed that the jam in the causeway was caused by the delay in immigration clearance at the Johor side.

The situation has now changed. Many people observed that it now takes much longer to clear immigration at the Singapore side.

Instead of asking the immigration to improve their efficiency, some people attribute the delay to a deliberate attempt by the government to discourage people from shopping in Johor.

I do not think so. I believe that it is due to inefficiency on the Singapore side.

Twenty years ago, I had to report a change of address at a police station. The computer system was so slow. It hang most of the time. The system and process was badly designed.

I believed that the computer system in the immigration department is also poorly designed. It probably could not cope with the heavy traffic.

I observed the slow response with the computer system at the counter during a recent trip to Johor.

The clearance at the Johor side was faster. It must be due to a better design of their computer system.

It is a sad reflection of what is happening in Singapore today. The slow clearance has been around for some time. Instead of fixing the problem, the ordinary people have to speculate whether it was deliberately done to achieve another goal.

Where is the transparency in our system? Can inefficiency (if this was indeed the cause) be swept aside and ignored with some ridiculous excuse?

Are we to keep quiet and let the situation get worse and worse?

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