Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Imaginary call to the Oval Office, White House

This is humor. It is not fake news or falsehold. Law minister, hold on to your POHA, okay?

Ring ....

DT: Hello
Lee: Hello Donald, this is Lee from Singapore.
DT: Lee? I thought you died already.
Lee; Not the old man. I am the son.
DT: What do you want?
Lee: I know you are busy doing extreme vetting of immigrants. Do you have a few minutes to spare?
DT: Okay.
Lee; Have you heard about the story of pork soup and free smoke? Your predecessor liked it.
DT: Is it the one that got Xi very angry?
Lee; Yes. He detained our Terrexes in Hong Kong for two months. That *&^%$#@. Just released them.
DT: Next time, tell him to keep the Terrexes.
Lee; Okay. I will also tell him that I am able to build more with the CPF money of my citizens.
DT: Good one.
Lee: I read that you want to repeal and replace Obamacare. Have you found the solution?
DT: Not yet.
Lee; Why not try the 3M system in Singapore? It has worked for us for three decades.
DT: Does it cost a lot of moeny?
Lee; No. Between us, it actually made a lot of money for the government. Remember - don't call it Trumpcare. Call it TrumpShield. 'Care' cost money. 'Shield' makes money. Okay?
DT: Sounds great. Can you send more details?
Lee; I do better than that. I will send Gan over. He is not only an exepert in health care, he is also an expert in insurance. He does not need any actuary to do the calculation..
DT: Wondeful. That will make America great.

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Anonymous said...

Lee: Donald , u have done a good job. You got a few countries hopping like crazy pigs. Great job, u should include more countries. Why are they coming to your country and instead of behaving like good guests they try to shit their religious beliefs on u? Extreme vetting not good enough if it is not followed by repatriation .

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