Saturday, February 04, 2017

Why are Singaporeans not willing to be a bus driver?

Why are we having to employ foreigners as bus drivers? The pay is quite good. According to the advertisement, a bus driver can earn $3,500 a month, including overtime. He also enjoys CPF contribution.

Many people who lose their jobs have to become taxi drivers. They can earn $3,500 a month, but they have to work long hours. They cannot afford to fall sick, as they lose their income.

It is also more difficult to be a taxi driver. You have to know all the places in Singapore. You have to driver around to look for your customers.

In contrast, a bus driver runs a fixed route. The passengers wait for the bus.

Why are Singaporeans not willing to become bus drivers? Why do they end up as taxi drivers?

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Bai Hu said...

I think it should be because of the flexibility of time. As a bus driver, you have a routine schedule to run. As taxi driver, you can pace your schedule - depending on how much you wanna earn for that day. Not only that, some taxi drivers will ferry their kids to school as well. There are many more unknown reasons and the above is only a few.

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