Thursday, February 02, 2017

Different kind of challenges

Mr. Tan
I read about your describe how Mr. Lee Kuan Yew handled problems during his time and suggest that PM Lee should follow the same style.

Are you aware that PM Lee had to face a more difficult situation now? The economy has grown 10 times and the population maybe 3 times. He has to handle a much bigger and more complex job.

i agree that the economy and the population have grown many times over the past decades.

However, you should not suggest that Mr Lee KY and his colleagues had an easy time. They had to face a different kind of challenge - a weak country and a weak economy.

Mr Lee KY was able to find the right leadership style for his time. and he has produced remarkable results.

PM Lee had to find the right strategy to deal with the problems faced by Singapore. So far, it seemed that matters are getting from bad to worse.

If you think that PM Lee had a difficult job, just take a look China, India and Indonesia. The leaders of these countries must have problems that are 20 to 50 times more difficult that those that PM Lee had to deal with.

It is relatively easy to manage a city state, compared to a large and diverse country.

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