Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Farmer replies promptly to emails

My old colleagues from NTUC Income have developed a habit of replying promptly to emails. They follow my example.

Robert now works in the Romax farm in Malacca. I saw his Facebook post about the crops that grow in his farm. I sent him an email "Are you a weekend farmer or an everyday farmer?"

He repied within the same day, "I am now a full time farmer. I am in the farm every day".

It is nice of Robert to reply promptly. You can search for Romax Farmstay in Facebook to see the farm.

He accepts visitors to stay in the two kampong houses which are available for daily rental. I stayed there twice.

Robert and his partner Maxmillian (hence the name of Romax Farm) serve a delightful breakfast to their visitors.

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