Thursday, March 02, 2017

Air con in the bus broke down

Bus 163 was stuffy and hot. The aircon was not working. After 5 minutes, I walked up the bus to ask the driver - "Is the aircon working?".

He replied, "Oh. Let me check". He tested the vent at the driver seat. Little air, not cold. He walked to the back of the bus and came back. "Yeah. Not working. No wonder the bus was hot".

He waited a few more stops. Still not working. He called the control room and reported the air con was not working. The control room asked him to send the bus back to the depot to check.

He stood up and announced in a loud voice - "Sorry, to report that the air con is not working. I have to drive back to the depot. Don't worry. I will continue the rest of the journey to the destination. Just to let you know the air con is not working".

Well - the bus does not have a public address system. It should have one. It is not expensive.

A more worrisome sign for PM Lee and his ministers. He has conditioned Singaporeans to be so obedient and apathetic that nobody bothered that the air con was not working. They don't care if the bus was stuffy and hot. They accepted it, without any complaint.

After alighting the bus, I walked to my office. There was a slight breeze, so it was refreshing. Although it was under the sun, it was more comfortable that the hot and stuffy bus.

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