Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bad excuse for poor management of bus services

I saw this poster on the bus for one year. I see this as a sad example of the quality of Lee HL's government.

I see a hidden message. It says, "LTA is not able to use the data to plan better bus services because concession card holders do not tap out of the bus, so the data is not complete".

What nonsense! Even if the concession card holders do not tap out, there is sufficient data from the ordinary commuters to do proper planning.
I see that our bus schedules are somewhat chaotic - some services have many buses and are poorly utilised while other services are short of buses.

I wrote to the Ministry of Transport to ask for the occupancy rate of the bus services to be shown on a website and the data be used for planning. MOT passed my suggestion to LTA. Nobody bother to contact me to discuss this proposal.

Well, I blame Lee HL because he does not appoint the right people to head our agencies and allow their bad attitude to pervade the public service.

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