Tuesday, May 30, 2017

LTA should optimize the bus services

I waited for bus 162 at 5.30 pm today. It arrived after 15 minutes. During this interal, I saw 4 buses for 52 passed by, most of them quite empty. Bus 52 is not a feeder service. How can they afford to run so many buses at short intervals on this route.

I changed to bus 70 at Yio Chu Kang station. It arrived after 20 minutes. The queue was very long.

The Land Transport Authority is now responsible to set the schedule of the bus services, as all revenue goes to them. They pay the bus operators a fixed fee to run each bus, based on their tender price.

Is anyone in LTA monitoring the punctuality and the load factor for each service? I suspect that nobody is paying attention. (Previously, the bus operators would be monitoring it to optimize the profit).

It is not difficult for LTA to appoint somebody to be responsible for this operation. They can use the data collected on the bus service to optimize their operations.

I hope that someone in LTA is paying attention to this matter.

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