Monday, May 29, 2017

Show the operating hours of Transit Link office

I have a PAssion card which can be used for public transport. I have to activate the card at a Transit Link office before 31 May. (I had the card with me for a long time but did not use it).

I searched the Internet for the operating hours of the Transit Link office. I could not find it. Someone, Transit Link did not consider this information to be important. They stated that their hotline operates form 8 am, so I thought that their office would be open at 8 am.

I took a bus to Yio Chu Kang MRT station where there is a Transit Link office. I arrived at 8.30 am. The sign said that the office is closed indefinitely. I have to go to another Transit Link office.

I took the MRT to Ang Mo Kio station. I know they have a Transit Link office there.

I went to the interchange and asked for direction to the Transit Link office. The customer service counter was open but they cannot activate the card. The counter for activation will open at 10 am. I could not wait 1 more hour, so I have to come tomorrow.

It is quite common to see the ordinary people waste a lot of time to do simple things. They have to wait for several hours in the polyclinic. They waste time, like I did, with unhelpful information on services.

If the Peoples Association were to wonder why there is a low activation rate for their PAssion card (and I assume that this is the case), they should learn from my feedback.

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