Sunday, October 22, 2017

GST increases the cost of living

The Malaysian government struggles with dealing with the high cost of living. They are now giving various forms of relief for the lower income groups.

Sadly, they do not know the underlying cause. The most important is the introduction of GST. It increases the cost of living by 6% to 8%. 6% is the actual cost of GST, but the business cost and enforcement cost adds to it.

Why introduce GST and then take measures to deal with it, including lowering income tax for the middle income?

GST is a stupid tax. Why did Malaysia have to follow Singapore. Don't they know that Singapore become so costly after GST was introduced?

Of course, high property prices also play a part. But you can be damned sure that GST also plays a big part.

So stupid!…/who-will-benefit-most-malaysia…

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