Thursday, October 26, 2017

Unreasonable for IPOS to introduce a fine

Dear Mr Tan

I just spoke with an Ipos (intellectual properties office of singapore) officer. But I'm very upset to be told to pay a "fine" of. $200 per month of s $800 for 4 months of delay on my part if I want to continue with the application.

This was because they sent me 2 previous letters into my IPOS account in 24 April and 24 July and 23 Oct 2017 but I did not check into the portal which require 4 levels of security. As such it is not convenient to check often if one travels regularly.

I feel that this is an excuse to make money out of a patent applicant's mistakes and not at all helpful in the national interest too.

I need to bring this to the attention of fellow would-be patent applicant's.

Do you think this fine of S$200 per month of delay is right?

It is unreasonable for IPOS to impose this fine. They must be wanting to get revenue to cover their high cost of operation. Maybe they want to show a profit.

I do not think your delay in replying to their emails has cause them any expense that justify the imposition of this fine.

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