Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Should we remove PSLE?

Here are the results of the voting in The Wisdom of the Crowd on this issue - Should we remove PSLE?

40% said that we should scrap PSLE entirely to remove the pressure on the children.

28% said we should keep PSLE but show the results in two bands - pass, fail.

22% said that we should keep PSLE in its present form as it encourages students to study hard and get good results.

10% said that we should keep PSLE but have three bands - excellent, pass, fail.

A total of 72% prefer PSLE to be scrapped or changed significantly.

See the breakdown of the votes in

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Unknown said...

Foreign kids from both 1st world & 3rd world have no psle and yet have no problem getting high paying jobs in S'pore...

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