Sunday, March 11, 2018

The "test balloon" saga in the Singapore Parliament

Did the PAP float a test balloon on the GST hike?

Sylia Lim suggested that they did. The PAP ministers said they did not.

I believe the PAP ministers. I think they did not float a test balloon. I believe that the PAP did intend to hike the GST soon after this budget.

What made them change their mind? In my opinion, they were surprised at the budget surplus of $9.6 billion.

I said this in my speech at Hong Lim Park on 3 March 2018. I said that the finance minister must be sleeping. He must be incompetent and he was not aware of the surplus. I also asked whether the prime minister was also incompetent?

With this budget surplus, it was not tenable for them to hike the GST immediately. So, I think that they found the "solution" to announce a hike a few years down the road.

If I am correct, then the ministers are not honest and not honorable in hiding the real reason for this strange decision. Are they trying to hide an incompetency?

Hey, this is an opinion. I am not abusing any privilege of the right of free speech. if I am wrong, please tell me. Don't ask me for an apology, OK?"

Tan Kin Lian

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Yujuan said...

It's prepping exercise requiring a few years to immune citizens on the GST hike, to mitigate pain effect to allow for eventual acceptance. Also prevent the new gen leaders as a target for unhappiness at the next GE.
Like the property developers and estate agents subtly publicising property has hit bottom last year, and prices would rise by 5 to 8% this year. Need time frame to sink in to allow acceptance eventually.
A typical business tactic based on human psychology, politics, business and war all sama sama.
Skeptical no knowledge of huge surplus in Budget before future GST announcement.

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